Ahoy! I thought I would try something new and test the waters as to whether there is any interest in sponsors, so here are some rough ideas I have put together.
Backer — anyone who has donated via GitCoin or BuyMeACoffee
  • You get your logo+link to your public profile on ethers under the Backers section
  • By default your GitCoin profile avatar is used; contact me to update it
  • All backers are shown probablistically, based on all-time contributions
Bronze — $1,000 / month
  • Include logo+link to an approved public website (e.g. GitHub project, npm package, twitter profile, etc) on ethers under the Bronze Sponsors section
Silver — $5,000 / month
  • Include a logo+link to your project website on ethers under the Silver Sponsors section
Gold — $10,000 / month
  • Include a logo+link to your project website on ethers under the Gold Sponsors section
  • Also, include a logo+link to your project website in the README (and therefore on NPM)
Unobtainium — $25,000 / month
  • Everything from the Gold Tier
  • Also, each month I will purchase a coffee from a local coffee shop (possibly Starbucks) with your company name on the side and tweet a photo of me enjoying your wonderful gift.
  • Scam-like endeavours and criminal activity are not welcome and are deemed at my discretion.
  • All links are manually verified before inclusion, especially on the README and NPM page.
  • Links are regularly monitored by scripts to prevent scams.
  • All images are hosted by ethers to protect visitor privacy. Contact me to update your logo.
  • Forwarding referrer headers are disabled, no cookies are used and personal data is never stored for any visitor.
  • Sponsorship does not represent endorsement.
  • Sponsorship levels are in USD.
  • This is my first attempt at Sponsorship; tiers may be adjusted over time.
  • Changes to tier benefits will be conveyed with significant lead-time, during which grandfathered benefits will apply, if desired.
  • Logos should be provided in an aspect ratio of as close to 1:1 (e.g. square or circle) as possible for best appearance. SVG, PNG and JPG supported; if providing a raster format, please make sure it is at least 256x256 so it looks great on retina displays.