Heya! I thought it might be a good idea to keep a collection of Open Source projects built using ethers and help share them with the community at large. So, here are a few ground rules. :)
What do I need to submit?
  • A link to your GitHub project (currently, only GitHub projects are supported)
  • A 256px × 256px logo as a PNG or JPEG
  • An e-mail address or Twitter account you can be reached at; in case a link becomes dead, to verify updating logos, other concerns, etc.
  • Please submit a request to add your project
  • Scam-like endeavours and criminal activity are not welcome and are deemed at my discretion.
  • All links are manually verified before inclusion.
  • Links are regularly monitored by to prevent scams.
  • All images are hosted by ethers to protect visitor privacy. Contact me to update your logo.
  • Forwarding referrer headers are disabled, no cookies are used and personal data is never stored for any visitor.
  • Inclusion does not represent endorsement.
  • Project licenses should be compatible with Open Source inititives.
  • This is more of an experiment at this time; lets see how it goes.